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Cool Coincidences

Written By: K. L. DeWitt - Jun• 07•13

Lately, it seems that I’ve been finding books that I either haven’t seen for years or brand new authors I had never heard of, only to find out right after I pick up the book(s) that a movie is suddenly coming out based on it/them.

City of BonesCase in point:  CITY OF BONES by Cassandra Clare, the first book in THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS series.  I ran across it just a week or two ago and had never heard of the author or her books.  I also picked up at the same time CITY OF GLASS (Book 3).  They had  grabbed my attention with their dust jackets, and since I like Sci Fi / Fantasy / Thriller books (both for reading & selling), they looked like something that would fit into my eBay store well.  (Unfortunately Book 2 wasn’t at that bookstore that day or I’d have had the complete set – now I have to add that to my loooong list of books to look for.)

So imagine my surprise when yesterday, while I was watching TV, what do I see but a cool movie trailer for the upcoming film CITY OF BONES!  (BTW, it looks pretty amazing special effects-wise – going to have to add it to my list of movies to check out.)

Then the same thing happened with a Judy Blume book.  I hadn’t seen TIGER EYES for a long time, then came across 2-3 copies from the 1980s in our latest “wild book hunts.”  Next thing I know, yesterday it’s being announced that after 30+ years after it was published, it’s finally being made into a movie.

Very strange.  I don’t know if it’s because once I get a book I’m suddenly sensitized to the title/author, or if serendipity should be my middle name.  (After all, when movies are made from books, sales of the books, especially older, hard-to-find titles, increase – a lovely thing for a bookseller.)

Now, if only these copies had been signed. (Can’t have everything…)


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