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Always Looking for a New Favorite

Written By: K. L. DeWitt - May• 15•13

Over the years, I’ve read thousands of books and there’s been one constant throughout:  just as I think I’ve found my very favorite book of all time, if I just wait a while, I’ll run into a new author and title that will take the previous winner’s place.  It’s lead to a life of hunting for that next great book, the one I can’t live without in my collection.

Right now, it’s sort of a series of books – Jim Butcher’s THE DRESDEN FILES. I actually discovered these by watching the TV show on Sci Fi channel, then went looking for the books they were based on. I almost didn’t get hooked since the first one, STORM FRONT, didn’t seem that innovative, especially since I’d already watched the episode based on it and was already aware of some of what was going to happen.  But I gave the series another chance, and by the 3rd one, I now couldn’t wait until I got my hands on every one the minute each came out.

Right now I’m going through withdrawal waiting for SKIN GAME to be finished and printed and ready to be read so off to go hunt down other things to keep me from going craz(ier) in the meantime…

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